Ballroom Dancing At Deer Park ElementaryFebruary 1- 5, 2016
Grade 5 students will participate in a Ballroom Dance Program as part of 
Physical Education Requirements.

                     Modern Dancing  animation                    


Follett Challenge 
February 8-12, 2016


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  Deer Park Elementary School, in partnership with all stakeholders, provides a positive educational   environment that nurtures all students in Prekindergarten through Grade 5 while cultivating crucial   21st Century skills. Our vision encompasses innovative and deliberate excellence in academics      and achievement for all members of our learning community.


 Deer Park Elementary School strives to empower our diverse learning community to be critical,  innovative thinkers who problem solve and communicate effectively in a collaborative, cross-  disciplinary environment.  The implementation of the Common Core Curriculum and its  STEAMcentric approach, aligned with a strong Character Education component, builds a  foundation for college and career ready individuals.  Our students will emerge as positive leaders  and productive citizens who will serve the larger community in meaningful ways.