About School

Our Mission

Deer Park Elementary School continues to focus on improving student achievement through educational equity for all students. On the basis of assessed needs unique to our diverse school population, we have been actively engaged in differentiating instruction to meet the needs of all our students. With demographics of the Deer Park community projected to experience even greater changes, it is our ambition at Deer Park Elementary School to create and support an atmosphere of achievement for our students. We acknowledge the whole child and are sensitive to the unique cultural diversity that exists within our community. We constantly explore and discover new ideas and techniques that positively impact our children’s intellectual development, pursue their strengths, flourish their needs and thus create success for them in school. We will strengthen our involvement with parents and community in order to harmonize our dreams for the children.
It has been proven that when school systems, individual schools, and parents make a concerted effort, performance and achievement of students improve. Equally as important, schools work to improve students' achievement and performance; and doing so, will realize that all students will grow to be:
  • Caring, concerned citizens of a global community secure in their strong sense of values and ethical responsibility, 
  • Aware of beneficial and continuing health habits, 
  • Knowledgeable and adaptable life-long learners, 
  • Self-motivated critical thinkers and, 
  • Productive members of a democratic society.